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Australia's Qenos petrochemical unit operating rate remains low

Australia 10. Chain Australia's Qenos petrochemical unit operating rate remains low

August 20, 2001

recent 3 The spindle speed can be divided into four levels 334; 673; 1470; 2961 rpm, Australian Petrochemical producer Qenos said that affected by the strike, the company's petrochemical plant in

altona will maintain a low operating rate until the end of next week. Qenos is a joint venture between the local Orica company and Exxon Mobil company of the United States. It has two 95000 T/a small ethylene plants in Altona, which respectively take ethane and gas oil as cracking raw materials. Due to the strike of workers, these two ethylene plants have been shut down since October last year

February. Since then, another strike in Altona has extended the routine maintenance period of the unit using gas oil as cracking raw material by

, while the normal maintenance period of the unit is once every 6 years

the overhaul of the device was originally planned to be completed in early June. During the maintenance period, the operating rate of the unit was only 50%, resulting in two sets of 90000 T/a HDPE units in Altona only operating at 50%. Here, the operating rates of 45000 T/a PP plant and 1.5

10000 t/a polybutadiene plant also decreased significantly. At present, the maintenance is nearing the end, and the device

will resume full load operation next weekend. However, the workers' strike had a great impact on the company's financial situation, and the company was unable to make up for the profit losses caused by the strike

at present, the company is importing a large number of products to supply customers, and shifting the remaining LLDPE capacity of Botany combined plant in New South Wales to HDPE production. It is estimated that the HDPE output of Botan will reach 25000 tons in this fiscal year, while the HDPE capacity of Botan is 120000 tons/year. Botany's LDPE capacity is about 100000 tons/year. The company hopes to achieve full load operation and make profits in the next six months

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