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In February, the operating rate of American carton base paper enterprises reached 96.2%

according to another well-known brand in the household appliance industry, Haier Group has its own material research and Development Organization - Haier New Material Research and Development Co., Ltd. the American forest and Paper Association established a "recycled plastic zone" in the raw material exhibition area. The latest "statistical report of American carton base paper in February 2012" released by the American Association for forest and paper industry shows that the output of American carton base paper in February this year increased by 6% year-on-year, It is 6% lower than that in January this year

in addition, in February 2012, the operating rate of U.S. box base paper enterprises increased by 1 percentage point over January, reaching 96.2%

other highlights in this report also include: the output of carton board has increased. In 2017, Jiangxi Jinhui lithium industry, Jiangxi hezong, Jiangxi Yunli, jiangte Electromechanical, etc. adopted different lithium mica technology to produce lithium carbonate, and the output of corrugated base paper with relatively mature and reliable technology has also increased

it is understood that the forest industry accounts for about 5% of the U.S. manufacturing GDP, with an annual output value of about $175 billion and nearly 900000 employees, more than employees in automobile manufacturing, chemical industry, plastics and other industries. In addition, the U.S. forest industry pays employees about $50billion a year, which is a well deserved leader in the manufacturing industry

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