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According to overseas media reports, a well-informed person from the Japanese Exxon petrochemical company recently revealed that the company has reduced the operating rate of PX devices by 10%, currently only 65% - 70%

he said that the company's decision to reduce the power on and low start-up rate was due to the slow decline in polyester demand. Take graphite as an example, while the sharp decline in PX prices made production profits too low

at present, Chuguang petrochemical company has two sets of PX units, with a unit capacity of 265000 tons/year in Chiba and 200000 tons/year in Deshan. The company said that it would maintain its current output before the Chinese new year, that is, before February 12-13 next year

it is reported that in response to the rapid decline in PX prices, Chuguang is one of the first Asian PX manufacturers to respond to a substantial reduction in production. Recently, the PX price in the Asian market fell rapidly by $45/ton in three weeks, and is currently only $310/ton

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